A classless Christianity

There are a few ways in which we use the term classless, I’ve been thinking about 2 in relation to church.  One I guess is more the urban dictionary way of  defining it, meaning something to has no class, that it’s uncouth, dirty or just wrong.  The second means classless, without barriers in the way it treats and thinks of others.  I think tragically we have been the former without being the later.

The church does not have a great reputation in case you haven’t noticed.  It is regarded as an ancient out of touch relic or a danger given all the scandals we see in the media or as full of hypocrites because of the gulf between its words and actions on social justice or zero hours contracts or Amazon shares or whatever.  Or if people haven’t engaged with that the church it is simply regarded as an irrelevance if it is ever thought of.  That is especially true in the culture we work in, the question is what is the church for?  What does it do?  What good is it?  The battle to overcome that is real.  But the battle needs to be fought on different battle grounds.

The church needs to restore its reputation as a place of hope. Not by handing out a few food parcels but by actually involving itself in the lives of those who have had the hope leeched from them.  By not settling for a quick easy answer when what is called for is a committed in the trench long term action.  The church must restore its reputation.  To model grace and love and hope.  To be a place where love and welcome drive the agenda.

To be one the one place that is truly classless in the sense of everyone being welcome, everyone being loved, everyone being valued and treated as someone made in God’s image.


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