Each one reach one

use-meI don’t think we’re alone with this but I think we as a church have a tendency to assume evangelism is other peoples job.  We talk about sharing the gospel, we train for it, we hear preaching on it, but I wonder if somewhere subconsciously we think it’s someone else job.  We’ve tried to address that in our mission statement – ‘we exist to equip God’s people to speak and be grace where God has placed us for his glory.’  But I still have a hunch people are thinking it’s for the natural evangelist, maybe for the pastor, or the real keenies it isn’t for me.

We’ve run a course called Sharing Jesus and walked through Uncover John this academic year looking to train people in evangelism and defeating defeater beliefs.  But there is still that barrier.

I’m toying with trying something different this Sunday.  Each one reach one.  What if each member of church took that responsibility this week to reach one other person with the gospel?  What if each family took a responsibility to reach out to and show love to and live out the gospel in front of one other family this week?  I wonder if the problem with our talk of evangelising the neighbourhood or the workplace is just too big.  Whether simply focusing on each one reaching one makes it seem more tangible, more possible.

Imagine the impact if each one of us reach done other person with the gospel this week? What if we did that every week?  If we boldly lived out the love of God, if we shared our faith and its impact on our lives, if we opened our homes and let people see the 90% that remain under the surface, unseen.  If we opened our mouths and boldly shared the good news, addressed peoples hopes and fears and dreams and identity with the gospel of Jesus.

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