Unsanctified media

I’m going to be honest upfront.  I’m a little disillusioned with social media.  I’ve more or less given up on facebook, and am increasingly frustrated by twitter, so much so I’m taking a break from it for Lent.  What has the potential to be a media which creates thoughts, shares ideas and provides discouragement seems too often to bring out our baser instincts.  Grace filled, loving debate seems to have gone the way of the dodo.

Some of it has nothing to do with social media.  It is just plain old sin.  Out of the mouth come the words of our hearts, or maybe in our social media savvy world out of our fingers flow the sins of the heart.

But I do think there is a fundamental problem with social media.  It is too easy to misconstrue what someone is saying, it is too easy to read into something intonations which were never there, and unlike in a normal conversation you can’t easily ask for clarification about what someone means.

I wonder too often if we vomit our latest thoughts onto our screens in a way in which we never would in face to face conversation, certainly I’ve done that numerous times, often they remained in my drafts until in a saner moment I’ve deleted them, but not always.  I’ve found myself often recently composing and deleting tweets in response to others not wanting to get embroiled in another twitter feeding frenzy.  I’ve found myself depressed by what the watching world sees of our faith in keyboard form.  So it’s time for a detox.

Partly for that reason I’ve been noticeably less active on Twitter, though having an office with no WiFi has also played a part.  But the media isn’t the problem the heart is.

One thought on “Unsanctified media

  1. Hi Al, good to catch up with you on this blog after Yorkshire Training several years ago!

    I share your ambivalence about social media. But I like WordPress because it gets away from the soundbites of twitter and the trivial time wasting nature of Facebook. I’m mostly on social media to advertise my blog tbh! God bless you in your labours for Him 🙂


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