Comfortable Christianity?

We’ve just finished a series on the Sermon on the Mount and it has struck me again and again as I’ve prepared and preached and listened over the last 11 weeks what a radical all transforming kingdom Jesus calls us to be part of.  No part of life is untouched.  The call is on our wallet, our praying, our time, our emotions, our willingness to forgive, our besetting sins, our anxiety, our idols.  Absolutely no part of life is immune from the call and the cost of being a disciple.

It will make us radically counter cultural.  More loving and welcoming than the most loving person.  More generous.  More forgiving.  More committed to prayer.  More willing to take risks and depend on God.  More committed to rooting out contentment and joy in God.  More determined to fight sin ruthlessly.  More committed to our church family.  More willing to be thought foolish, to face persecution for our worship of Jesus in every area of life.

But what has also struck me afresh is the loving gracious provision of God.  He calls us to seek his kingdom and righteousness first.  And then promises us that if we ask God, if we commit to seeking it, God will give it to us.  God doesn’t call us to something he isn’t ready and willing to empower us to do.  And that means the question becomes one of appetite. Of desire.  How different do I want to be?  How much of a disciple do I want to be?  How much do I want to pursue the kingdom and righteousness?  How prepared am I to stand out?  Will I really hear Jesus words and build my life upon them or settle for being a deluded disciple?

And Jesus ends with 4 stark choices for the disciple.  Choose the narrow or broad path.  Choose to listen to true or false prophets.  Choose to live enjoying God and obeying him as a true disciple or be a deluded disciple.  And finally choose to be wise and build your life on Jesus teaching or be a fool and lose everything.

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