Facing Frustration

One of the most frustrating things about ministry is the way often circumstances work to hamper the gospel.  We heard this recently of another family we’ve been close to, have seen come to church and explore Jesus and warm to the gospel who are having to move and are being relocated by the council about 25 minutes away.  That may not seem much to those of us with cars and used to a 25 minute trip to the church fo our choice.  But for this family it is 2 bus trips and a significant wait in between.  It’s not a million miles away but in a small church with stretched resources, and already transporting a few people, a 50 minute round trip on Sunday is probably beyond us at the moment.  And we had hoped to see this family come to faith and help us reach more of the community.

I know the circumstances are not outside of God’s control.  No plan of God’s can be thwarted.  I know that sometimes one plants, another waters and another reaps.  Mentally and theologically I know all of that.  But it doesn’t stop it being frustrating.

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