Choose life

Choose life,

choose a job.

Choose a career

Choose a family


Choose a big television

Choose washing machines, cars,

Compact disk players, and electrical tin openers.

Choose good health , low cholesterol…

That’s how trainspotting started.  It was an ode to nonconformity.  It ridiculed all the things people choose in their comfortable little world.  Instead he chose escapism.

I can’t help thinking we have our own Christian version of that song.

Choose life,

Choose consumer church,

Choose comfortable Christianity,

Choose not having to sacrifice too much.


Choose a church that makes you feel comfortable

where you don’t have to serve at too much cost.

where there are lots of people like you.

Where the music is good and everyone’s a professional…

I could go on.  On what basis do we choose our church?  Is it about mission and need or is it about comfort.  I still think it’s telling after all the renewed interest in church planting over the last decade or so that so few thriving churches are outside of university towns, and so few church plants have been established in hard to reach areas.  And even those that have struggle.

Too many of our big churches have a glut of capable leaders, leaders in waiting, teachers, musicians and so on.  Whilst many small churches are withering for the want of those very same gifts and people.  We happily hear from mission partners in those kinds of area, we give them some money, and then pray for workers for the harvest field.  But what if we gave workers instead of money?

What if we mobilised a generation so that there was an infusion of gifts into churches in the neediest places.  What if we issued the same call to the Goldthorpe’s and Rotherham’s, and Clitheroe’s as we do to more far flung places?

What would it look like for us to seriously invest in revitalising and reaching those places with the gospel?  What strategy would we use?

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