Some thoughts on Keswick

Last week we took the boys and headed off to Keswick for week 3 of the Convention.  Why week 3?  Because we wanted to sample some of the unconventional side of the conference, in part because we all love Andrew Peterson’s writing and songs and he was there.  And also because I’ve been encouraged and helped by so many of Ray Ortlund’s books and wanted to hear him preach.

It was a great week.  Ray Ortlund’s talks from Romans 8 warmed my heart and did a tired soul good.  In fact I hadn’t even realised how soul weary I was until I was feeling refreshed.  You can catch up with all the teaching from Keswick here:

It was great to be reminded of, and luxuriate in, the generous love of God that we enjoy in Christ.  To be reminded that it is nothing we do, but all of him.

The evening celebrations were great, and we enjoyed being led in worship by Olly Knight and the band.  The range of speakers in the evening spoke with very different styles, but helped us see the goodness and graciousness of God to Abraham and through Christ to us and called us to live by faith, fight sin and oppression and love others.

Andrew Peterson’s and Day Hankey’s seminars were a particular highlight on very different themes.  One of the great joys of Keswick is to see our kids so well taught and served by the amazing team of volunteers.  The benefit for kids from a small church to meet with hundreds of others should not be underestimated.

One of the best things was the relaxed nature of the convention, we didn’t feel the need to rush around and be at everything, but were able to take time out to enjoy being with others and catch up with friends.  We enjoyed our week so much we’ve already booked accommodation for next year.

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