Do the work of an evangelist

I’m preparing a couple of things for next term when I get back from holiday, both reflect something of our context and our circumstances.

The first is some leadership training material.  Having done a year as Sole Elder of Grace Church it is not something I want to replicate for long.  There is immense value in having others to share and bounce ideas off, disagree with and pray with.  I have missed that over the last year.  We have been praying hard for leaders but we also need to be the answer to our prayer sometimes.  And so come September we’ll be starting some leaders training for both elders and deacons.  I’m excited to see what fruit this produces and what habits it inculcates.

The second is something I’m a bit more hesitant about.  I’ve enjoyed this year having a number of really good opportunities to share the gospel with people in everyday conversation.  And other opportunities to offer to pray for people or talk about how Christians forgive.  But I am more aware than ever that so many of those I talk to have little or no previous exposure to the gospel.  With that in view we’re going to be encouraging people in church to dare to ask a friend to do The Word One to One with them (  I need to lead on this not just direct so I’ll be asking a couple of people if they want to do it when I’m back from holiday.  That is in part inspired by a great little book by John Lennox Have no Fear which I found both challenging and reenergising in its call to share the gospel.  You can order it here


I’d love your prayers about both of these, that leaders would be raised up and that the lost would be saved.

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