Don’t assume, teach

We have started running some leadership training exploring what church is and the role of elders and deacons within the church.  We’ve put some material together and will be working through it one Sunday evening a month.  Then, with those who are interested and suitable, we’ll be doing some more in depth study using a few books on the subjects (although I have notice there are remarkable few on the role of a deacon).

What struck me on Sunday is that when it was time for questions a number of them were things I assumed people knew.  Things we have taught on relatively recently.  Positions the church has always held and taught on.  It was a reminder to me that it’s dangerous for me to assume people know and remember.  To assume a collective church knowledge, that of course everyone knows.  Repeated teaching matters.  And it’s really useful to have dedicated time to stop and examine the Bible in depth on such matters.

What are the things we’ve just assumed our people know?  Or that they can work out for themselves by observation?  Because I think we need to realise such assumptions are dangerous.

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