Field of dreams

I thought it was time I gave an update on the fields we are trying to buy (You can read more here:  It’s been ages since I posted that our bids have been accepted because there are lots of things that have to be done before we can proceed with the purchase.  In the process of doing so a few things have come up.

Firstly – the sellers want to stipulate that they receive 50% of any profit from any proposed development of the fields at the time of planning permission and change of use being sought.  The land would be much more valuable as site with planning permission on it than as agricultural land.  This would mean that were we to decide to build on these fields we would have to pay a lot of money at the point of applying for change of use.  Given that we don’t want to make profit but to potentially put a church building on it that we wouldn’t sell, this is really prohibitive.  We’ve written back and asked that the clause be written such that we would pay the 50% on sale of any development on the land.  Please be praying that God would move the sellers to accept such a proposal.

Secondly – Many of you will know that Grace has seen a number of families move away over the last few years, and some more recently.  Some to ministry in other towns and cities, some to relocate nearer children as they age, others to new jobs, a couple of others just moving church within Doncaster for personal reasons.  This means that Grace is the smallest it has been since the first year of it being planted.  It seems like an enormous thing to be thinking, even potentially in the future, about buying and building.  We’d love you to pray for wisdom for us as a couple and for the church about what to do.  Taking a risk isn’t something we shy away from, but clearly knowing God’s wisdom would be good.

Thanks for your prayers.

green tractor pulling red bin on field at daytime

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