The Gospel v Personality tests

I read yet another book on personality types last week, it was underwhelming, derivative and seemed to be more about learning how to manipulate others rather than building good teams that work well together.  As you can tell I wasn’t big fan.

But what struck me is that so often we buy into this stuff.  We read it, we’re trained on it at work and we have a ready made excuse not to change.  We’ve fallen into the same trap with being an introvert it’s the ultimate trump card that people use to justify not putting any effort in to relationships or welcoming new people.

The gospel by contrast calls us to change.  It doesn’t say recognise your personality and then you know your limits.  Or recognise your persaonlity type and then only serve in areas that are comfortable.  I wonder if this is a danger in the way we talk about gifting in the church. We only want to serve where we’re gifted.  But the gospel transforms, it calls us to change, to love others deeply, to pour ourselves out in service of others rather than manipulate others.

As ever the gospel calls us to take what is good and fight what is sinful.  A personality test may tell you something about your natural tendencies, some of which is helpful to know and some of which reveal sinful habits to be repented of and changed.  A church is a community committed to applying the gospel to one another to grow to be like Christ, we mustn’t settle for any less.

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