A Bigger Vision

Sometimes the details bog you down.  Sometimes the everyday gets on top of you.  When you’re struggling to keep your head above water every day can seem impossible.  It’s to such a people that Zechariah writes.  God speaks to his beleaguered people, a people living amidst the rubble of Jerusalem having returned from exile, working (once again after some prophetic prodding) on rebuilding the temple, but feeling the fragility of their existence dependent as it seems on the interplay of the whims of a Persian Emperor and the subtle honeyed lies of their opponents.  The remnant are struggling to keep their heads above water, they’ve tried escapism (lets build ourselves really nice houses) because the task they face is overwhelming.

But God through Zechariah speaks to them.  It’s not been the easiest series to prepare, the layers of meaning and possible permutations of the symbolism can be overwhelming themselves.  But I’ve loved the time we’ve spent in Zechariah because God reminds us again of his sovereignly unstoppable plan to build his kingdom.  That no matter how it looks, and it often looks fragile and feeble, God has a big vision that he invites his people to play their part in via their everyday faithfulness and holiness.

And God reminds them, and me, that his kingdom and plans and purposes are so much bigger than I am tempted to imagine they are.  That everything changes with Jesus, the King has come and God’s kingdom is relentless, unstoppable in its progress towards everything in all creation united under Christ.  His vision is so much bigger than mine of what the everyday faithfulness of his people will bring about, of its part in the bigger whole.  And essential to that purpose is God’s word which brings this people hope as it lifts their gaze to see God’s plans and their part in it.use-me

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