The Unsearchable God


Psalm 145v3

  1. How is the LORD described? What does that mean?


People surprise us.  Sometimes we think we know someone, how they will react, what they love, what they will hate.  But sometimes they surprise us.  How much more so with God?  In fact this verse tells us it is beyond our ability to fully know God, there will always be more to learn.  And yet God fully knows us.  And God has chosen to reveal himself in scripture and in the person of his son, yes there will always be more to understand, yes our understanding will be limited by our capacity, but there is a lifetime of discovery to begin.

  1. How does your inability to fully know God make you feel? What are the positive feelings it creates? What are the negative feelings?


  1. How does this motivate you to read the bible and get to know Jesus in the pages of the Gospels?


  1. If you were getting to know someone what questions would you ask? Which of those questions would be helpful to ask as you study the Bible?


  1. How is it an encouragement to you that this unsearchable God knows you and has set his love on you?  And that he gives you his word so you can learn about him?


Sing: Indescribable:


Pray: Speak to God about the things about him you’d love to know.  Ask him to reveal himself to you as you read his word over the coming days.

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