The Self-Existent God

Read: Genesis 1

  1. What is there in the beginning? (Look carefully)


  1. What does that tell us about God? What does that tell us about everything else? How ought that to change the way we think of God?


“In the beginning God…”  It’s four words we are familiar with, perhaps so overfamiliar with that we miss what they are saying.  We’re so used to them that they no longer blow our minds.  “In the beginning God…”  before we get to God’s endless, boundless creativity, imagination and power (would you have thought of the giraffe, manatee, komodo dragon, and dragon fly? – I didn’t think so!)  We are confronted with the uncreated-ness of God.  In a very real sense everything is just divided into two; 1. God the uncreated eternal self-existent, and then 2. absolutely everything else.  Just stop there and wonder.

  1. How does this truth make you feel about the privilege of being able to call God Father?


  1. Go and look out of the window, (no go on, get up, go to the window look, even better go stand outside breath it in, look and listen – I’ll wait right here!) what does the creation reveal about God? What does it reveal about you? How does that make you feel about God and about yourself?


  1. God the uncreated one delights in creating. And he creates with abandon and joy. He creates not just the necessary and functional but with an eye to beauty and artistry and extravagance.   How do you think and feel about creating?  And is that godly or ungodly?  What could you create that would give you joy?


Sing: All Creatures of our God and king

Pray: Thank God for the awesome nature of his creation, for everything you see and everything you know about the sheer abundance of his provision and creativity.  Praise him that he alone is uncreated, he is selfing-existent.  Thank him for revealing himself to you.

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