The God who does not need

Read: Acts 17v16-34

  1. What does God need (24-25)?


  1. What does that tell us about God?


As Paul preaches in Athens he takes on their way of religion, he challenges their societies assumptions about deity and worship.  God isn’t like you imagine him to be!  He says.  You’re search is good but you’ve reached the wrong conclusion.  There aren’t lots of god’s there is only one God and let me tell you about him.  He made the world, he’s sovereign over it, and he isn’t constrained, kept in, by your temples.  And he doesn’t need anything.  He’s not sat hungry waiting for you to feed him, or sat unable to move or work waiting for you to be his arms and legs.  Rather than depend on you, you depend on him for life, even breath, as well as everything else.

  1. How does that challenge the way you think about God? How does it change the way you think about yourself?


  1. What is a right response to this truth about God? What does it reveal to us about his inviting us to serve in his mission? And how is that freeing?


  1. How does this challenge our self sufficiency? What marks of self sufficiency do you see in your life? How is this challenged?


Sing: Ancient of Days


Pray:  Confess the ways you’ve limited God and thought or lived as if he was dependent on you.  Praise God for his self existence and need of nothing.  Thank him that despite that he delights to know us and calls us to be part of his plan and mission because he is a generous God?

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