The Eternal God

Read Revelation 1v1-8

  1. How is God described in verse 8? And what does each phrase mean?


  1. What does that tell us about God?


God is the beginning, the start, the origin of everything, but he is also the end of everything.  And he’s not just the start and end but every letter, and moment, in between, He is eternal.  He is also outside of time.  Whilst we think of time as past, present and future, God is outside of time, unbound by it.  Whilst time impacts us, and ravages us, it does not change God.  And this eternal God calls us to live in light of eternity in our lives.

  1. Which is the greatest temptation for you – to waste time or to feel the pressure of making the most of every moment by cramming it full? What drives you to do that? What do you lose by doing so?


  1. How does God call us to steward our time wisely in light of eternity? What does that look like practically for you? What could you give someone permission to ask you that would help you live in light of this?


  1. In light of God’s eternal nature our creaturely limitations are thrown into starker relief. Have you faced your mortality or hidden from it? What will it look like to live in light of it?

Sing: Everlasting God

Pray: Speak to God about the answers above.  Ask God to give you a greater awareness of time as precious, but at the same time a greater capacity to trust his care and timing.

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