The Trinitarian God

Read: Luke 3v21-22

  1. At Jesus’ baptism what do we learn about Jesus?


  1. What characters does Luke describe in this scene?What do we learn about God here?


The Trinity is not meant to baffle us.  It is meant to comfort us and draw us to awe-filled worship.  There are three persons in the one true living God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a triple (‘tri’) unity of love.  They are the same in substance and equal in rank, power, majesty, and glory.  The word Trinity isn’t found in the bible but it helpful summarises 7 key truths:

  1. God is one. There is only one God.
  2. The Father is God.
  3. The Son is God.
  4. The Holy Spirit is God.
  5. The Father is not the Son.
  6. The Son is not the Spirit.
  7. The Spirit is not the Father.

The Trinity helps us understand that there can be unity in diversity, because that’s seen in God.  Father, Son and Spirit work in unity.  It matters because it means love has existed from all time, it’s not created, in eternity Father Son and Spirit have always loved each other and they invite us to share in that.  It also matters because that is how God has revealed himself to us.

  1. When you think about God who do you tend to think about? The Father, the Son or the Holy Spirit? Why is that?  What do you think you miss when you do that?


  1. How does the belief in God as three persons in the one true living God mark Christianity out as different from every other religion?


  1. How does the Trinity explain why we value relationships, love, goodness, truth and beauty?


The Trinity is not a puzzle to confound us and keep us away but good news that God is love and Father Son and Spirit are not exclusive and aloof but we’re invited.

Song: Holy, holy, holy

Pray: Honestly bring to God your answers to the questions above.  Ask him to help you see and get to know him as Father, Son and Spirit.  Pray that your eyes would be open as you read his word.

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