Make the main thing the main thing

Satan is a genius. He’s incredibly adept at distracting God’s people. He’s even adept at distracting those God calls to ministry from the most important thing, because he knows by doing so he impoverishes and weakens God’s people, he starves the sheep of the sustenance they need.

For the last few months many pastors have felt out of their depth. There are changing regulations. There are questions about the virus and what tier we’re in and what does that mean? There’s learning to adapt to and adopt new technologies. There’s the pressure we put on ourselves to understand the latest figures. And there’s the anxiety over the people that are in our care and the competing opinions on what we should do and how we should react.

I wonder if in all of this Satan has managed to deflect us from the main thing. In Acts 6 it’s a good thing that almost distracts the Apostles from preaching and praying. For many pastors it’s good things that are our biggest dangers, because Satan is a great strategist. We’re trying to master new technology and adapt our preaching. We’re trying to stay on top of laws and regulations. We’re ensuring our buildings are COVID secure. We’re fighting the temptation to be amateur epidemiologist so we can counter the other amateur but VOCIFEROUS epidemiologists in our congregations or on their feeds.

In all this Pastor don’t let it distract you from your main responsibility. Don’t let it stop you making the main thing the main thing in your week. Our people more than ever need to hear the enduring ever relevant word of God. They need us to be praying and preparing and preaching. They need to hear the glories of his character, the tenderness of his mercy, the sovereignty of his rule and the joy-filled finality and certainty of the future he has promised us in Christ. They need their fears and anxieties countered with the glory of our saviour not our pathetic amateur understanding of virology or opinions on the latest legislation. First and foremost make much of God.

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