Reset 4: Disciples Pray (pt2)

So how should we pray? What does it look like? The great news is that Jesus doesn’t leave us floundering, he longs to teach us how to pray.

After Jesus finished praying in Luke 11v1 his disciples asked him “Lord, teach us how to pray…”  Isn’t that encouraging?  Not that misery loves company.  But isn’t it encouraging that Peter, James, John and the other Apostles – who would lead the church and teach others to pray – see Jesus praying and recognise they need to learn to pray.  And its also encouraging that they know that it’s OK to ask Jesus for help.  They know that Jesus wants to teach them to pray, he won’t rebuke them for needing to learn something that as God’s people they should have known.

It’s said that everyone prays regardless of their beliefs, but as followers of Jesus we ought to long to learn from Jesus how to pray.  The disciples listen to Jesus pray and see there’s something different, something new, something revolutionary about Jesus praying.  Just as his teaching is different and his life is different from other religious leaders so Jesus prayers are different from those they’ve heard in the temple and the synagogue.  And so they ask “Lord, teach us how to pray…”

Prayer is something that we can learn.  In fact prayer is something we need to learn.  It’s a spiritual discipline and disciplines take time and effort to do well.  And Jesus wants to teach us.

Many of us will feel that our praying could be better, that we fall short.  But here’s the question, will we, like the disciples, come and learn from the master?  Will we recognise that Jesus prays uniquely. That he longs to teach us? And will we come and humbly say with the disciples “Lord, teach us to pray?”

Maybe that’s simply where you need to start this morning. To come humbly to Jesus and ask him to teach us to pray.

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