Field of dreams step 1

On Friday we were finally able to complete the purchase of one of the two fields we are buying in the area in which we serve. Land is at a premium around the area especially with the airport’s increasingly fast paced development and Yorkshire Wildlife Parks expansion. It was therefore with great relief that we received a phone call to tell us that the first field we were buying was finally ours late on Friday afternoon. It is in a great location to enable us to serve every part of the area without being located in any one of the estates.

At the moment it is just a field. Due to the sale and the length of time its taken it hasn’t been hired out for farming for the last year and so it’s a little over 5 acres of wild growth at the moment. But our hope and prayer is that we can use this field to build a church that can serve our community for many years to come.

Whilst we are very grateful to God for answering our prayers we know there’s a long way to go. We need to grow our leadership team so that we have a plurality of leaders to oversee the work that needs doing and so that as we engage in this process we don’t take our eyes off pastoral care or evangelism. There are lots of legal necessities we need to fulfil before we can build. We need to apply for change of use and planning permissions and engage architects and fundraise and so on. All of which seems like a huge undertaking when thought about in the cold light of day.

But we’re grateful to God that the first step is complete. And we’d love you to join us in praying that God would raise up leaders, smooth the way with building, and provide the finance we need to build. We know it’s a long term project, that it isn’t going to be quick but we are so thankful for answers to prayer so far and that for now we have the use of the school and a good partnership with them.

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