Goldilocks and the 3 chairs

The Locks family; Graham, Olivia, and their 3 children Lily, David and Isaac were looking for a new church in a new town. They had relocated with work, found good schools, new places to pursue their hobbies and the sports they loved. But now it was time to look for a church.

The first week the church was ok; they liked the sermon, they liked the welcome, there were people there who were like them, but well the kids were expected to stay in the service and whilst there were activity sheets for them it wasn’t quite right.

And so the next Sunday they tried another church in the area; this one had great kids work, all singing all dancing groups for each of the different ages of their kids, the welcome was OK, the sermon whilst faithful was a bit dull, again there were people like them there, but with this church it was the song choice, they were all old hymns. It just wasn’t right.

And so on the third Sunday they found themselves in a third chair in a third church wondering if this one would be just right?


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