Pension pot giving?

So I did a little maths this last week as I thought about giving. What if every adult in your church only received as income the state pension of £185.15 a week. What if they tithed (I’m not recommending tithing just using it as an example – I’ll post on tithing later in this series) that income every month and gave that £74 a month to church would your giving go up or down? What about for us personally, would our giving go up or down? Because for many of us we earn much more than £185.15 a week!

What does that basic maths reveal about your heart? What you love? Where your treasure is? Where your hope is? Which kingdom you are seeking?

Money is tight, or so we are told. And for some of us money is tight. But it’s not £185.15 a week tight. Money is tight because of our expected standard of living. We expect to have more, be able to buy goods cheaper, be better off, enjoy the finer things in life. I read an article on a news website this week where someone was bemoaning having to give up alcohol and going out and talking about feeling poor because they couldn’t do those two things. That is not poverty. Neither is cancelling your Netflix or reducing your mobile phone bill, or not being able to get the latest phone, or not having a holiday. And yet that is the world we live in in the west, that is what it is to be squeezed.

Now there are families for whom the hardship is much more basic. We know of families for whom it is literally heat or eat and not because of an extravagant way of life or entitled expectations but because they face genuine hardship.

But for many of us our expectations are so sky high that we spend more than the weekly pension on entertainment and fitness and subscriptions in a month. And yet in many places giving to church is low, scarily low. Many of us give a lot less than 10% of the pension to church a month.


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