Witnessing is the natural overflow of a growing love for Jesus

Overflowing-CupI have a confession to make.  I get frustrated at people not sharing the good news of Jesus.  That frustration has shown itself sometimes in an over focus in applying sermons to that end – get out, witness, share the gospel, tell your friends, you are the missionary to your office, street, neighbourhood and so on…  It’s easily done.  We can manipulate statistics to show the need, especially if we live in the North.  We can preach on passages that vividly picture the plight of the lost.  Evangelism is a biblical imperative.  But guilt is a horrible, inadequate and temporary motivator.  And such motives will skew the way we share the gospel.

I’ve been struck this Lent as I’ve been praying through our 40 Day challenge that actually what we need as a church is to be filled to overflowing with an awareness of the wonder of the gospel.  To taste and see over and over and over again the goodness of Jesus.  To be aware of my sin and how far short I fall and how Jesus makes up for all of that and so much more and that it is all a totally undeserved freely given gift of grace!  It is only as I am filled to overflowing with that truth, as it captures my heart, that I will love others and share the gospel as overflow.

We are all natural evangelists.  We talk about what we are excited about.  Just think about this last week, what have you most passionately shared with others?  Your teams promotion, your grandkids performance, your teachers unfair punishment of you, your future plans for this or that.  We are all natural evangelists for what we believe in and what we love.  What fills our hearts flows out of our mouths.  And that is true of the gospel too.  So I need to do less hectoring and nagging about evangelism and more lifting up Jesus.  Less ‘here’s an evangelistic course bring your friends’, more isn’t Jesus wonderful come taste and see.  Less evangelism as an application and more adoration of our Saviour that leads to an overflow out of the heart.