It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, not that I think anyone will have missed me.  Partly that’s just because lockdown isn’t a quieter period it feels busier.  Recording and editing are now added to preparing and preaching and praying and pastoring.  It seems to have added hours onto the time it takes to produce anything.

There’s also planning in terms of trying to think ahead to what is coming, so that when we are told churches can open I have some idea of what that might look like.

But there’s another reason.  I have probably been more discouraged by Christian social media in the last month than ever before.  I’m still reading through Proverbs which has so much to say about wisdom and the tongue, which we seem to be failing to apply to the fingers we type with – failing to treat it as speech, or love one another, or pursue unity, or get that it’s a public sphere!!!

At the very time society fragments and divides the social media church (which by the way isn’t a real thing) seems to be dividing along the same lines.  Fighting over the same territory, in the same way.  Where is the grace?  Where is the willingness to accept that all of us are a work in progress?  All of us are learners learning.  And that means oftentimes there will be more we need to learn humbly.  We are not perfect in all we do or in every opinion we hold, so be gentle, be gracious, be listening to hear not to type.