40 days of prayer

As a church we’re doing 2 things for Lent.  One is the each one reach one challenge; of doing something every day that shows or speaks grace to those around us.  Intentionally looking to provoke questions which enable us to share the gospel by loving people.  But we’re also using Lent as 40 days of prayer and here’s what we’re praying for:

40 days of prayer

Will you pray with us every day for Grace church?  Here are 4 things to pray:

  1. that we would be a body growing in maturity (Eph 4v11-16)
  2. that we would love and serve one another (1 Cor 13v4-7)
  3. for the unreached to be reached with the gospel through us (Matt 9v35-38)
  4. that God would grow or send us elders, deacons and Sunday School teachers


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