It must nearly be the start of term…

why?  Because I’ve started getting emails from churches in cities with universities asking me to put them in contact with any students we’ve got heading to their cities.  I get why.  I know how crucial it is for students to plug into a good church during their first few weeks.  I know, because I know how much it mattered for me to do so.

But I wonder how many of those same churches help those same students think strategically about where they go after university.  And by strategically I don’t mean in terms of pay packet or wage or career.  I mean in terms of the gospel.  Where can they most impact the gospel in the world?  Where can they go where there is desperate need? Where can they go to use their gifts and be trained?

How many of those same churches think about our sort of church when it comes to the third year of those students university courses?  Small churches in hard to reach places.  Churches that need leaders, that need people to serve and love and grow.  Churches where there are way more opportunities than there are workers.

I wonder what the response would be if I reworded their email and send it back to them asking them to pass on the details of any students in their third year of university in January?  Who might be graduating and would consider moving to Doncaster and joining us at Grace Church in reaching Hayfield with the gospel?  I wonder how many of those student workers would respond?

I absolutely will pass details on.  But I wonder how two way that partnership is?  How UK wide the gospel vision is?

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