Is it really the best news in the world?

Be honest with yourself do you really believe that the gospel in the best news is the world?  That everyone of your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and whoever else you might meet would be better off knowing Jesus?

I wonder if subtly our society has led us to individualise that idea.  So the gospel becomes, not good news for everyone but, good news for me, for my tribe, for the

Want, Need And Must Havechurch, for those who like that sort of thing.  Do we really believe that everyone’s life would be more full of joy if they knew Jesus?  That my neighbour down the street who has everything the world can offer, doesn’t have everything they need?  That my friend who is suffering would have more joy if they knew Jesus?  That those whose lives are full of devastation and loss and isolation or guilt, addiction and restlessness could find hope in Jesus?

I’m not sure that we do.  We are not convinced the gospel is really good news for everyone or we would tell everyone, we couldn’t be stopped.  Yet I see in myself and others a reticence to share the gospel.  Some of that may be caused by hardship and suffering we are going through, some of it may be because of the material prosperity of those around us, some of it may simply be because as Brits we are experts at hiding how broken, lonely and searching we really are.

Ask yourself that question.  Do I really believe this is the best news in the world?  That everyone would be better off knowing Jesus as their Saviour?  Stop and examine your life and see what it is telling you the answer is.

What’s the answer?  Now stop.  Don’t berate yourself.  Ask yourself why?  Why do you think like this?  What is it that you believe is better in the world?  What are you tempted to believe is a better answer than the gospel?  Examine it, turn it over, see its flaws.  Then turn to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and read it and see all that is ours in Christ, go on.  Now make a list; from death to life, from lost to welcome, from divided and hostile to united and loving, from without blessing to blessed beyond imagining, from darkness to light and all by grace.  Read that again, isn’t that the greatest news, no burdens, no sins to atone for, just grace, grace, grace?

Drink it in, fill your heart to overflowing with that good news, ask God to help you take in it’s breathtaking scale and scope.  And then look again at the world outside your window, or cubicle, and ask; Do I really believe this is the best news in the world?  And what will that mean?

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